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Swedish Massage
Our most popular massage technique includes long, relaxing strokes, kneading, friction, compression, and soothing techniques to decrease stress, anxiety and muscular tension. It is effective for relaxation and restoring balance, while promoting health and well-being.  
90 min.| $90


Deep Tissue Massage

This massage technique focuses on specific areas of the body, with techniques that allow the therapist to work into deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to decrease muscle spasm and pain and to restore flexibility and range of motion.  
90 min.| $90


Senior/Elder Care Massage

Basic relaxation and stress relief techniques for soft tissues of the body provided to benefit the mind and body and aid in fighting many of the symptoms of aging, including increase blood circulation, combat depression, improve balance and flexibility, reduce the pain of arthritis, increase joint mobility, improve posture, and encourage overall well-being.  
60 min. | $50         90 min. | $75


Massage for Disabilities

A combination of relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques designed to relax and relieve muscle spasms, reduce anxiety, increase flexibility and improve mobility and range of motion.
60 min.| $65


Pregnancy Massage
Relaxing massage for moms-to-be who have completed their 1st trimester of pregnancy; client receives massage in side-lying position.
90 min. | $90

Partners in Wellness Couples Massage Class

In this 3-hour class, each couple will learn basic, easy-to-follow massage techniques and the proper way to use pressure to avoid weariness in your hands.  These classes are designed for couples, but other pairs of friends are always welcome--everyone loves massage!  Consider this your personal invitation to learn to help, heal, connect with and enjoy one another again.  This is your opportunity to become Partners in Wellness.

Advanced Payment & Registration Required.  Space is limited. 
CLASS FEE:  $300/couple

Angel's Touch Infant Massage Class

This 2-hour class teaches parents and other caregivers different massage strokes and techniques to massage infants and toddlers.  You will gain a thorough understanding of the benefits of infant massage as well as when, where, and how to massage baby, while increasing your bond with baby through loving touch. 

Special Note to Dads:  Don't let Mom have all the fun!  Dads are equally essential to the growth, development and care of baby.  Some dads feel left out during the pregnancy, labor/delivery, and breastfeeding.  Infant massage is an excellent opportunity for you to cultivate a strong, healthy bond with baby. 

Advance Payment & Registration required.  Space is limited.
CLASS FEE:  $100

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