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I had been looking for a place to learn to give better massages without having to become registered.  This class was perfect.  It taught me exactly what I was looking for.  Chris, or instructor, was completely awesome.  She took her time with us and really made sure we were comfortable and had the techniques down.  I highly reccommend this class to anyone that gives massages to their spouse. --Mark L., Rhome, TX

Great class. Chris, the instructor, was patient and loving. It was fun learning different ways to make hubby feel gr8, and even better enjoying his practice on me. Nice way for couples to bond with each other. --Doc G., Schenectady, NY

Really good class, especially if you want to learn how to give better massages to your partner.  I would highly recommend the class to anyone - young, old, health issues or not --- Chris is outstanding.  I am also very modest and was comfortable in the setting with others getting massages.  It was all very professional. --Ashley W., Plano, TX

My husband and I went to couple massage on 6/18/11. We both had a great time, very relaxing and pleasant. Chris was very skillful, nice, and caring. She gave us detailed instructions and showed us how to massage every part of our bodies. I am a person who always have lots of questions. Chris was extremely patient with us. She showed us again and again the correct way to massage, and in addition, she showed us alternative ways to massage according to our body type and muscle tension. I love this class. My husband and I will try to practice at home. We plan to go there again and will also suggest our friend to go there. --Annie X., Dallas, TX

Very interesting and nice class. You learn a lot in a short amount of time. Chris is very patient and knowledgeable! Highly recommended! --I.J., Dallas, TX

This class was awesome.  We were able to learn techniques to give each other massages and have been able to cancel our membership to a local massage clinic.  Chris is a great teacher, very knowledgeable, extremely patient, and funny too! --Tara C., Wylie, TX

My husband and I just took the couples massage class.  I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to learn how to give a massage without getting too tired, or even just for a date night.  The class was fun and definitely worth while.  Chris was an excellent instructor.  She was very kind and calm and provided a relaxing atmosphere.  She was also very aware and made sure all of us were comfortable and at ease.  We are planning on taking the couples follow up class in the future as well. --Jarvae H., Denton, TX

My boyfriend and I loved the class and learned a lot from the very patient, laid back instructor. The instructor was very kind, answered all our questions, and had lots of tips for us to try. This was my first massage experience and I am very happy it was. The class was very relaxed, and made an otherwise very nervous person feel very calm. I'm very glad I took part in this class. My boyfriend gives fantastic massages now. --Leslie F., Carrollton, TX

This was a great class! My husband and I learned so much about giving massages the right way. The instructor was very nice and it was easy to understand the steps. --Hong N., Garland, TX

This class was very fun and informative!! My husband and I both left knowing that we had learned a lot more about how to give good couples massages. The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient. It was a great class! --Nada E., Arlington, TX

This class is great! The instuctor is patient and fun and very knowledgable! My husband was a little uncomfortable with the thought of  doing a couples massage class but he ended up loving it and thought it was a great idea! --Malak A., Frisco, TX

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